Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pic of the Week

Figure skaters are a charitable bunch!

While I can't speak for many skaters around the world (and I'm aware many of them are active in charitable work as well...yay!), I do know American Skaters are often doing their part to give back. Ronald McDonald House, Susan G. Komen, Muscular Dystrophy, Make a Wish Foundation, Cleveland Clinic, Skating in Harlem...I could keep going!

This past week, Ashley Wagner made all of her followers on Twitter aware of Love Our Children USA, and organization she is very supportive of. I checked out the site and it is an amazing organization; I can't help but applaud any organization that's looking out for children's best interests.

Their mission statement:

Love Our Children USA works to eliminate behaviors that keep children from reaching their potential. It redefines parenting and creates kid success by promoting prevention strategies and positive changes in parenting and family attitudes and behaviors through public education. Love Our Children USA honors and respects children and works to empower and support children, teens, parents and families through information, resources, advocacy, and online youth mentoring. Its goal is to keep children safe and strengthen families -- Its message is positive ... one of prevention, empowerment and hope.

Big thanks to Ashley Wagner for bringing the important work of this organization to our attention! Besides being awesome athletes, it's nice to be reminded that they are awesome people as well.

Want to hear more from Ashley, follow her on Twitter @AshWagner2010. And speaking of about one of Ashley's awesome performances from this past season.


jumping clapping man said...

all i can say is, damn she was ON that day! and, if she doesn't have her "moment" one of these seasons i'll be shocked...this is some serious talent. hopefully last season will be all the motivation she needs to adjust her perspective a bit, and that will be the last meltdown we see from her.

Anonymous said...

What a great performance. Hopefully she can get it together this season. It's going to be interesting.