Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Globe Trot

Let's start this week with news from Canada. Patrick Chan is a busy guy these days...he's currently competing at the Liberty Open in Ashton, Pennsylvania. I'd bet he's the odds on favorite to win there. Patrick is also featured in a 2010 Olympics Cheerios Commercial. Busy times for the World Silver Medalist. Need your morning Cup o' Joe? Perhaps Craig Buntin can help. Besides being one of Canada's top Pair skaters, he's attempting to get his company, Teabean Coffee, up and running. And CTV is reporting that Todd Eldredge has a look-a-like, Canadian Ice Dancer Wendell McGrath.

In Germany, Munich has thrown it's name into the ring as a possible candidate city for the 2018 Olympics. Heading the organizing board is two-time Olympic Champion Katarina Witt.

In Russia, while President Obama was in Moscow meeting with President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, a bevy of politicians touted requests of President including the head of the Russian Skating Federation, Valentin Piseev. His request, he wants President Obama to send all the Russian coaches and Russian Figure Skaters working/training here in the U.S. back to Russia. Really, that's your request?

Lots going on here in the U.S. What Would Brian Boitano Cook? You'll find out this fall when his show of the same name premiers on the Food Network. The reviews keep coming in for Johnny Weir's Pop Star on Ice. You can read Jumping Clapping Man's and Jenny Kirk's. Speaking of Jenny Kirk, she recently wrote of the decision skaters have to make between training and sacrificing a regular school education. Finally, one reason the IOC might be squawking so loudly about Comcast and the USOC's joint Olympic Network Who knew that NBC's Olympic Television Rights are such a cash cow for the IOC and understandably wouldn't want the USOC dipping into what NBC shows.

Quick blurb from China, Lu Chen and Denis Petrov welcome baby number two into the world...congrats! (I think I shall tout this as the Baby Skate many skaters having babies!)

From all around the world, skaters are revealing their music choices for next season. There is really too many to keep tabs on here but check the blogs and Twitter for all the most up-to-date announcements. Speaking of Twitter, my latest follows: Brandon Mroz, Michael Weiss, and Patrick Chan.

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Anonymous said...

That's a bowl of Froot Loops in Brian Boitano's picture! Is that the kind of "food" the Food Network wants to promote?

I'll be sure to tune in to see how he makes a bowl of cereal. Wow!