Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pic of the Week

Charlie Tweeted this out to the Internet so I assume it's fair pun intended. If not...well I speak well of you so I'm just going with "It's okay."

But seriously, it's a great pic of Charlie and it gives me an opprotunity to expound upon all of you my love of Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Fact of the day...I've met Meryl's mom and Charlie's joke.

I was totally "that guy" at the Four Continents Cup in Vancouver when their placement went up after their free dance and they had actually won. There was this huge sigh of dissapointment over the crowd (obviously they wanted Canadians Virtue and Moir to win) with me jumping up and down screaming "YES!" I felt that crowds pain when, at the World Championships, the complete opposite happened and Meryl and Charlie had to settle for the podium. The guy in the stands was cheering loudly at that result and I felt like saying, "'re in the Staples the U.S." I didn't.

They totally had a breaththrough season and I think they must be considered contenders for an Olympic Medal. Hell, for that fact, I think they will challenge Belbin and Agosto at National's in defense of their National Title.

Charlie...have your fun on the Links while you season will be the toughest you've ever experienced.

While I'm thinking about it...let's rewind back to that glorious night in Vancouver...shall we.


Rebekah Jaswa said...

Reading your here blog made me think... would that not be awesome if the US had TWO dance teams on the Olympic podium?

Oh I think it's interesting that your LiveFeed says I'm from Ashburn, VA. I'm not from Ashburn, VA I assume it just picks the closest city.

jumping clapping man said...

this pict is indeed quite the eye candy. thanks for sharin'.

Aaron said... does the same thing with says I'm from the town where my ISP is located. I suspect the source of your internet originates from Ashburn, VA.

And I just think Charlie is cute as a button here!

jumping clapping man said...

says i'm in oakland (rather than SF)...that's such a downgrade! jk...i love oakland, but it's diff for sure.