Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Globe Trot

Some interesting things happening in the world of figure skating.

First to Korea where it appears Kim Yu-Na invited Michelle Kwan to skate in the All-Stars 2009 Tour...and Michelle said yes! "Michelle has turned down other invitations, but she and Yu-na have a mutual admiration society going. Michelle is feeling healthy and has her abilities up to the standards she sets for herself, which are very high standards" said Shep Goldberg, Michelle's agent. Might Michelle drop a return-to-skating bomb in skating crazy Korea...stay tuned.

Lots happening here in the U.S. First, Carolina Kostner will be staying in L.A. and training with Frank Carroll and Christa Fassi. The moves comes after a disastrous showing at Worlds (ironically) in L.A. and the dismissal of her former coach Michael Huth. The big news is of course the tragic arrest of Nicole Bobek on charges to distribute Meth. She's plead not guilty and has been released on $200,000 bond. Jenny Kirk is getting positive press for releasing details of her eating disorder while she was competing. An important issue, to be sure, that needs more attention. The USOC and Comcast have teamed up to bring forth a new network devoted to Olympic coverage. Sorry if you don't have Comcast. Finally, reigning World Champ Evan Lysacek will be part of the marketing campaign for Ralph Lauren's 2010 Olympic Gear. "Having worn Ralph Lauren clothing for years, I am really excited to partner with Polo Ralph Lauren for their Olympic campaign," said Evan.

The German magazine Pirouette recently did an interview with Stéphane Lambiel and he just will not close the door on a possible competitive return, however, he states that it's not on his top list of priorities. "It is not 100% out of question but it is not my plan yet. I don’t want to disappoint the fans. For me it’s important that I’ve ended my career and I am happy with that, what I have achieved. If something will change on with physical conditions, then I will think about it.”

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You may have noticed I changed the name of the spot from Around the World to The Globe Trot...thanks to my readers for the feedback and suggestion.

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