Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pic of the Week

What a great vacation I had. I make a point to tune out the world when I'm on Vacation but when I return I'm like a mad man with a mouse in my hand.

I log in only to see that poor Nicole Bobek, 1995 U.S. National Champ, is been arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute Meth...tragic!

Even more tragic is this mugshot...scary!

Apparently, she was quite the big wig in this Northern Jersey drug ring. Bobek was arrested along with twenty other individuals involved in the drug about a crackdown!

Gosh, rewind back to her 1995 Nationals win. She was such a joy to watch on the ice, bouncing around with such eppervessance. My favorite performance is her 1997 U.S. Nationals Free Skate (seen below), nobody cared her jump content was watered down because it was still so good!

She always was a free spirit and a bit of a drama queen. How many coaches did she go through? Didn't she have plans to become a pairs skater? Did she ever perform a triple jump as a professional?

To be so talented and sink to such a low place...really I just pity her. Such unfulfilled possibility there.

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jumping clapping man said...

i was deeply saddened when i first read of this news, and saw the photo you referenced. what a shame. the arrest is a huge blessing...perhaps it will have saved her life (not that people in jail can't get their fix).

you have to wonder what it is that led her down this path...a person in her life that was a bad influence...sadness from childhood that was never resolved...skating career disappointment...who knows. i hope some other skaters reach out to her to nudge her towards rehabilitation. this is all a little too much like an episode of "intervention". i hope she can rise from the ashes, and regain at least some of her former beauty, in body, and spirit.