Monday, August 10, 2009

1000 Tweets! 1000 Great Moments!

A year ago I didn't even know what Twitter was and now I have fully integrated this piece of Social Media Genius into my personal blogosphere.

Twitter has allowed me to connect with not only my blog readers and fellow bloggers, but also new people also interested in figure skating from all around the world. It's also been a cool platform to also talk to figure skaters! I had no idea I would ever be having 'tweetversations' with the likes of Caroline Zhang, Ben Agosto, Fedor Andreev, Melissa Gregory, Ashley Wagner, Kimmie Meissner, and others. But enough of my personal pitch for Twitter.

So I just sent of my 1000th Tweet and to commemorate I'm embarking on a big project and I'll need your help! I've decided to create a list...a list of the 1000 greatest moments on ice.

Ambitious I know, this list will not be my opinion, but yours. As submissions come in, I'll begin compiling the list. There will be a permanent blog post that will have the complete list and I'll update readers on the latest submissions from time to time. Send as many moments as you'd like! I think this will take time, but my goal is to have it done by the time skaters hit the ice in Vancouver (where I'm sure there will be more moments that could make a top 1000 list), or maybe even faster.

I'll get the list started with the first submission right now...

1. The last 30 seconds of Michelle Kwan's 2003 World's Free Skate

How do you make a submission? You can leave it as a comment right here, send it to, or Tweet me @skating102.

If you have a Twitter account, do me a huge favorite by tweeting this message: @skating102 is making a list of the 1000 Greatest Moments on Ice...tell him what should be on that list!

Spread the word about this project and encourage participation!


camelspin said...

Hi Aaron,

one of my favourite moments: the nutcracker free skating of Shen/Zhao at worlds 2004 - the whole 4.30 minutes!

Gabby said... moments are:

1) Mao Asada's 2 landed triple axels in one competition.

2) Mao Asada winning the 2008 Worlds even though she fell during the take-off of her most important jump

2) Michelle Kwan's 1998 Nationals "Lyra Angelica" SP

Thank you!!! Great idea for a list by the way :D

Katrina said...

Evan winning 2007 Nationals, Evan winning Worlds

Tee said...

Hello, I love the idea, some unforgettable moments for me:

Yagudins entire Winter program in SLC

Yagudin kissing the ice after his LP in SLC

Brian Joubert landing three quads at COR 2006

Lisa said...

Johnny Weir winning his first national title in 2004, after the previous year's infamous Dallas Disaster

Johnny Weir winning the bronze medal at 2008 Worlds, saving the United States from a complete medal shut out.

Irina Slutskaya's comeback from severe sickness to win the 2005 World title.

Sharon said...

Davis and White's FD at 2009 Worlds