Friday, August 28, 2009

Polls, polls

I had two polls going on my blog and the results I found very interesting...

First, Will Sasha Cohen be on the U.S. Olympic Team? I had intended this poll to go straight through the Grand Prix Season but have decided to end it now. I'll repost it again after the Grand Prix where we might have a better idea. Then again, we may find ourselves more confused than ever. But it was basically an even split with 50% of readers believing she will be and the other 50% believing she wont. The interesting part of this result is what it says about U.S. Ladies Figure Skating. An overwhelming vote in Cohen's favor would show a lack of confidence in our current crop of competing ladies where an overwhelming vote against her would have shown a great confidence in the U.S. women. Figure skating fans are unsure of where U.S. ladies fit into the picture.

The second poll, Should retired skaters come back to compete?; had almost the same result. Just about 50/50. Half of us like to see our former favorites come back while the other half wants to see the current stars given their chance. Maybe there's more to this. Wanting to hang on to our favorites from the past and not let them go versus looking to future and what it brings?

It's all just speculation of course...

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