Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pic of the Week

It's that time of year again. No I'm not talking about back to school (although it's that time of year too!); I'm talking about the start of the figure skating season! This weekend the season gets officially underway with start of the Junior Grand Prix.

First stop on the Junior Grand Prix is Budapest, Hungary and what better time could there be to feature one of the U.S. bright and upcoming stars that will be competing in Budapest? Meet Ellie Kawamura.

I choose to feature Ellie for this weeks Pic of the Week not only because she is competing in Budapest, but because I was checking out her profile at U.S. Figure Skating and she and I have some things in common! Our favorite sports figure: Michelle Kwan. Our favorite T.V. show: American Idol. Our favorite drink: Jamba Juice Smoothies. We even have the same three favorite websites: Facebook, Twitter, and Ice Network. And weirdly, her birthday is the day after mine!

In a parralel universe somewhere I'm sure we were brother and sister...maybe twins?

Anywho, Ellie Kawamura is a part of a very talented U.S. Team competing in Budapest that also includes Richard Dornbush, Gilles and Donohue, Grant Hochstein, Lichtman and Copely, and Angela Maxwell. Good luck all in Budapest!

Want to keep up-to-date on Ellie? Follow her on Twitter @icesk8angel1324

UPDATE: Found some amateur video of Ellie's solid Short Program from Budapest! Enjoy.

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