Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reader E-Mail

The reason why I write this blog is simply because I have a passion for figure skating.  I love that there are people out there that enjoy my blog and as long as people are reading, I’ll be writing.  One reader sent me an email which I feel compelled to share.  Warmed my heart!
Hi Aaron, thanks for writing your blog.  My name is (omitted) and I’m from Hagerstown, Maryland.  I didn’t start watching skating until a few years ago when Kimmie Meissner won a World Championships.  They made a big deal about it here on the news.  Her win peeked my interest in the sport.  I didn’t know hardly anything about the sport though and when my daughters became interested in the sport and began asking questions I had no clue to the answers.  For the past few years I’ve been trying to piece together my knowledge of figure skating (I’m know a lot more now) and about four months ago I found your blog.  I was amazed by how much information you had.  I decided to go all the way back to your first blog post and read your entire blog all the way through.  I finished about a week ago.  I feel like I got a complete history of figure skating and there is so much more I now know.  Just wanted to tell you how much your writing is appreciated.
With warm thanks

Wow, that’s amazing!  That’s the first time I ever got an e-mail like that.  I’m touched and I hope I can continue to inspire love (and knowledge!) of figure skating.

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