Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coaching unshuffle

I think Caroline Zhang has brought the summer of coaching reshuffling to an end with an anti-climatic unshuffle!

She announced officially yesterday (the rumors had been flying for over a week) that she is returning to Mingzhu Li. Three months ago, Caroline switched from Li to train with Charlene Wong. Wong had formerly coached 2008 National Champ Mirai Nagasu who recently switched to Frank Carroll.

It's not a complete split though. Zhang told the press she'll continue to work with Wong on "choreography and footwork."

Hopefully that's the last shuffle I'll report and we can move ahead with the skating season.

UPDATE: At the last second, two more teams decided to switch coaches just in time to be the final skaters to do so this summer (literally...just hours before the autumnal equinox!). Gilles and Donohue as well as Summersett and Gilles have left Patti Gottwein at the Broadmoor Skating Club to train with Elizabeth Punsalan Swallow at the Detroit Skating Club. Jeremy Abbott made the same skating club switch earlier this summer. You can read the full story here.

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