Friday, September 18, 2009

An Unnecessary Distraction

The last thing any reigning World Bronze medalist who is trying to get herself in shape for the most important season of her career needs is media poking around fueling rumors you're in a relationship with your coach.

Unfortunately, that is what Miki Ando is dealing with. Now when I say 'media,' think the Asian equivalent to TMZ.

Whether Miki has hooked up with Coach Nikolai Morozov is inconsequential. One, it's none of our business. Two, she's an adult and can make her own choices. Finally, none of this is's all rumor and back room buzz.

So I say we focus on her skating and not her personal life.


p!nkroma said...

Yep. Totally agree with this. I hope Miki won't let this gossip affect her this season.

jumping clapping man said...

ironically, i thought this same coach was having an affair with Adam Rippon a year or so ago. they were SO touchy-feely in the kiss and cry, i was CONVINCED! but, unless he's's doubtful. but, i could see this with Miki. she's beautiful. and, they spend TONS of time together. she's not 14.

harpielady said...

I completely agree with you Aaron!

The same tabloid that wrote the original article also has several pages of political conspiracy articles and a semi-nude photo spread in the same issue. Not exactly the New York Times I would think.