Friday, October 09, 2009

Finlandia Trophy

The last big, what I'll call 'pre-season,' competition begins today in Vantaa, Finland; Finlandia Trophy.

There are really some good talent competing there. The Kerr's from Great Britain are competing in Ice Dance and then immediately competing in Eric Bompard Trophy the following week (busy schedule). An extremely strong Finnish ladies team will be competing including Susanna Poykio, Laura Lepisto, and Kiira Korpi (who will also be competing in Paris). Veteran Fumie Suguri of Japan is also in the ladies field. The men's event boasts Japan's Daisuke Takahashi in his first major event since returning from injury. Also competing is Belgium's Kevin Van der Perren, Czech Republic's Michal Brezina, Russian Sergei Voronov (who like Korpi and the Kerr's will be busy as well), and American Stephen Carriere.

UPDATE: A quick update on the winners for Finlandia. No shock in Ice Dance as the Kerr's skated to an easy victory. Daisuke Takahashi held on to win the men's event despite finishing second in the free skate to Russia's Sergei Voronov. And among the women, I failed to even mention Alena Leonova of Russia in my event primer, an error to be sure, as she had as good of chance as anyone to win and the young Russian upstart did just that.

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