Thursday, October 08, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Kimmie Meissner withdraws from Grand Prix

Today Kimmie Meissner has withdrawn from her scheduled Grand Prix events citing a knee injury she sustained earlier this year.

"My knee had become chronically inflamed, swollen and painful," Meissner said. "After some testing, along with an MRI, I was diagnosed with severe patellar tendonitis and a partial dislocation to my right kneecap."

This comes as Meissner was rebuilding towards a successful comeback. She moved to Florida to train with Richard Callaghan and Todd Eldredge and recently began working with famed ballet instructor Gyula Pandi.

"For the United States to be represented properly, especially during an Olympic year, I feel I must put my personal desire to compete aside," Meissner told U.S. Figure Skating.

In a Twitter message to her followers she said "I'm not retiring or anything crazy. Just taking off for the season. Thanks again for your support. I truly appreciate it." That statement makes it unclear if she'll attempt to compete at Nationals or not.

Kimmie Meissner has had the worst run of luck the last two years in a downward spiral I wouldn't wish on anybody. This is another blow that simply was not needed.

UPDATE: Over the last 24 hours Kimmie Meissner has been the topic of conversation. Upon further investigation, her bye to nationals is only valid contingent upon her competing at Rostelecom Cup and NHK. Since she has withdrawn from those events, she would need to qualify for Nationals and since she is injured her season is essentially over. What a shame.

UPDATE #2: The Baltimore Sun has constructed a timeline of Kimmie Meissner's rise to success and subsequent fall from grace.


jumping clapping man said...

that elicits one BIG "uuuuuggghhhhh!!!!". so sorry to hear it. however, sometimes life hands us unexpected curve balls, and the best thing to do is not to fight it, but to go with the curve...maybe there's something out there you can transition into.

i sort of liken it to this...a lot of friends of mine have been hit hard by the economy, and have consequently found new careers or settings that are MUCH more satisfying to them.

(OR, maybe she still has the fight in her to overcome this? not likely at this point. BUT, i wish her the best, of course!)

lachiah said...

Ouch! Kimmie just can't catch a break. I hope this isn't the start of an injury-filled Olympic season.