Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chance of a Lifetime!

Blogging and Tweeting are two of my favorite things to do! And two of my social media compatriots have been given the chance of a naturally I'm going to shamelessly promote them!

Blogger Christie (owner of the blog: Lake Placid Skater), and Twitter user Sarah (@segsk8 and owner of the blog: blogher) are currently vying for the chance to blog for the U.S. at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Basically, that's awesome!

Here's the part I love the best. You can vote for BOTH of them! There are actually two teams...a Student's Team (Christie)and a Women's Team(Sarah)with the three highest vote getter's on each team going before the judges and if selected, winning a trip to Vancouver.

The judges are kind of amazing too! Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld who co-founded and the awesome Bonnie Blair, Five-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater!

I said...where's the Men's Team? *Sighs*

This awesome competition is being brought to you by the cool people at Microsoft® Office and you can vote now...just click here.

Also, if you are on Twitter...get out this message (Vote for @segsk8 and LP Skater to go to Vancouver! Let's get these guys to Vancouver!!!

UPDATE: Looks like Christie has some more press...she's featured at the U.S. Figure Skating Website! Check it out here!

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Lake Placid Skater said...

Hey Aaron!

Thanks so much!! I appreciate the promotion :)

Christie (LP SKATER)