Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pic of the Week

It's been an odd season to this point with lots of twists and unexpected turns.

We were absolutely robbed of a great match-up in Moscow when Patrick Chan was forced to withdraw from Rostelecom Cup with injury. I threw a private little hissy when it became evident that Plushenko wouldn't really be pushed there and his confidence (read: over-sized ego) would simply expand.

But better late than never, Patrick Chan makes his Grand Prix debut this weekend at HomeSense Skate Canada in Kitchner, Ontario.

Despite his injury, I still see him as the favorite here. Also, the key to the Grand Prix Final, lies in his hands for several competitors. While Chan cannot make the final, he can certainly play a part in the decision making process on who does.

Phantom of the Opera has been a popular choice this season and it's Patrick's choice for his free this season. Let's see if he can infuse HomeSense Skate Canada with a little magic, fantasy, and intrigue!

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jumping clapping man said...

perhaps that lack of match-up will be good news for plushy's competitors, as he will never feel the burn of not having as difficult transitions or footwork...until it's too late (evil laughter)!!!

i bet you it's SO hard for yagudin to watch plushy's comeback...since he wanted to do the same 4 years ago, and likely would have if a hip injury hadn't prevented him.