Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm just going to go on record and say that Tanith and Ben's withdrawal from the Grand Prix Final is lame.

An infected tooth? Really, an infected tooth? I remember when Maria Butyrskaya competed at the Grand Prix Final like a week (maybe even less) after having her Appendix out.

Pony up! At least say the reason you are withdrawing is because you know you'll loose to Virtue and Moir and very likely even Davis and White.

I pray at National's after their performance people throw toothbrushes onto the ice.

The worse part about all of this...we now have to endure Khoklova and Novitski's disaster on ice at the final. Pass the Vodka please...

UPDATE: We are sparred the revival of Bolshevist Era Muisic...Khoklova and Novitski have passed on the opporotunity to compete in Tokyo. Therefore we get Crone and Poirier, who I feel need the competition the most. I get the idea they'll be in a close race for that second Canadian Olympic Ice Dance Birth come January with Weaver and Poje.

I got a couple e-mail's yesterday from people telling me that Tanith really does have a tooth problem. I get that...I just think they (she?) should 'suck it up,' deal with it, and compete. People have gotten on the ice with far (far!) worse problems.


Sharon said...

Amen, brother!! I knew they were going to w/d and I'm supremely disappointed that D/W won't get the chance to go head to head with them before nationals. It's cowardly and ice dance politics at its worst. I'm sure V/M would have beat them and probably D/W, too. But that's just my opinion, I can't help it, I adore those two teams, especially D/W.

Anonymous said...

"I pray at National's after their performance people throw toothbrushes onto the ice."

HAHAHA, someone please do this!!

Lamest. Excuse. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I saw this news yesterday, and I'm really disappointed that the showdown of all the North American Grand Prix winners won't occur.

I agree it's a totally lame reason to pull out. D/W will just have to blow them away in the OD at Nationals instead of earlier at the Final.

Love the photo!

Isobel said...

For the record, Tanith was tweeting about teeth problems already.
Also, no K&N either; when called, they declared she had the flu. We'll be seeing Crone and Poirier.

lachiah said...

The picture is hilarious but one aspect of your post really bugs me. What athlete would say they're withdrawing from a competition because they can't win over an opponent? If they were to say that, people would still complain. They can't win on this one it seems. Plus, the ISU would never accept that as a valid reason and they'd have to either compete or be sanctioned.

Aaron said...

Good point...you can't really withdraw because you just need time to make your programs better.

I just wish they'd compete...win or lose. It can only be a learning experience either way.