Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pic of the Week

I was really hoping he wouldn't be like a one or two hit wonder, but after NHK Trophy I had my doubts about Jeremy Abbott. Admittedly, I thought his free skate was amazing but over ambitious and I never thought he would have much success with it this season.

I was pleased as punch that Jeremy proved me wrong...coming through at a clutch moment to not only win HomeSense Skate Canada but also earn another trip to the Grand Prix Final. He enters next weeks' competition in Tokyo as the defending champion.

Now comes the hard part; for the first time in his career he will attempt to defend a major title. Good practice I think for U.S. Nationals where he'll be in the same boat again...defending.

Looking forward to Vancouver, it's an exciting prospect that the U.S. might send three U.S. National Champions to compete. The U.S. did so in 2002 (Goebel, Eldredge, Weiss) and had a very good result. This time I get the feeling the U.S. could do even better.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what you meant by really good result. Only Tim got on the podium. I think it's a respectable result not very good result. When Tara and Michelle came in 1,2 that's called excellent result. When Sara, Michelle, and Squasha came in 1,3,4, that's called a very good result. I doubt Jeremy, Lysacek, Weir will all come in top 5. If they come in 3,4,5, I would call that a very good result. But that would mean two of these five bombed: Plushy, Takahashi, Oda, Joubert, and Chan. Chan is shaky and very possible to bomb, but the other four, even if they make a mistake or two, will likely ended up in top 5. US men will be lucky to get a bronze. And my money is on Abbot. Lysacek will win US championship but Abbot will be the sole winner of an Olympic medal.

Aaron said...

I guess I'm a 'glass half full' kind of guy.

I think anytime one nation has three competitors in the top seven in an event...that's a good result.

Sarah, Michelle, Sasha...I classify that under amazing result.

A sweep...that would just be 'ridic!'

But even given the layout of the mens field this season...I'd say the U.S. mens chances, at the least, look bright.

Anonymous said...

So happy we have 3 US men in the GP Final. I wish all of them luck, and hope these 3 are our Olympic Men's Singles team.

The interesting thing about Abbott, is that he is still improving year to year.

I hope Abbott stays in and doesn't retire after this season. I'd really like to see how far he can go. (and I love seeing Yuka in the K&C)