Thursday, December 24, 2009

10 Most Tagged

I took a look at the skaters that I've tagged the most since I began writing this blog (way back in 2005...I know, right?!?!?!). Who has grabbed my attention, the news headlines, the spotlight, etc. Cool thing I might do at the end of every year.

As a pre-notation...I'm equally intrigued by the skaters that aren't on this list (no pairs, no ice dancers, no Europeans). It gives me some ideas on where to spread my blogging to.

#10 Kimmie Meissner - The majority of my coverage on Kimmie has been, sadly, focused on her downward spiral that began at the 2008 U.S. Nationals and just continued from there. She is one of my favorite skaters so it stands to reason she'd be among the top. Here's wishing her a better next year!

#9 Evan Lysacek - A recent heavy hitter, he was nowhere near being in the top ten until last March when he won the Gold Medal at World's and has continued to be a huge force to be reckoned with this season. Evan has slowly won over my love of his skating hasn't come easy...but I'm getting there (I don't think Aunt Joyce will approve though...).

#8 Patrick Chan - He moved into the Senior ranks well and I am constantly impressed with his talents and abilities. If he doesn't get his time to shine at home in Vancouver, I have little doubt he'll be a major factor in Sochi.

#5 Daisuke Takahashi, Sasha Cohen, and Johnny Weir - Three way tie here. Johnny and Daisuke are two skaters that I admire for their artistic sensibilities. No surprise that Johnny Weir grabs one of the top spots...he's a headline grabber for sure with his quick wit, quotable soundbites, and reality television show on the horizon. Sasha was tagged in lots of posts in the wee early days of my blog in her run-up towards Torino and has recently been tagged a lot as she attempts (attempts...) to make her comeback.

#4 Kristi Yamaguchi - Perhaps a fluke of Reality T.V...Kristi was tagged in tons of the Kristi Can Dance posts during her winning run on Dancing with the Stars. I think she was a Face of Influenza too...

#3 Michelle Kwan - My favorite skater ever! She has been a constant on this blog. Her attempt to compete in Torino, her grace as she withdrew, her happenings in the in-between, the mystery behind 2010, her recent skating appearances in Korea. She'll always be featured here...ALWAYS!

#2 Mao Asada - The rise, the fall, the axels. She's one of the most tagged skaters because she's just that good. She's also given us a dramatic storyline this season as she has struggled a bit.

#1 Kim Yu-Na - No question about it...she's the skater with the most global buzz. Isn't she Korea's Person of the Year...again?


Debbie said...

Evan Lysacek has won you over? You can't be serious! Evan is not only the least artistic, but he is the least talented and intelligent. Johnny Weir belongs on top of The All-Time best ever. He should definitely be #1 and that's all I have to say. I agree with you though that Kim Yu Na is by far the best of the women. Evan is definitely not in the same league or even near the league of Johnny Weir. I hope Johnny kills Evan at nationals this year and at the Olypics.

Aaron said...

Debbie, I appreciate your enthusiasm for Johnny but attacking Evan on an 'intelligence' level is a bit harsh, don't you think?