Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pic of the Week

Domnina and Shabalin missed the fall season completely due to Maxim's pesky knee. I think that they are back in action this week in St. Petersburg at the 2010 Russian National Championships. They don't necessarily have to compete this week (having a bye to the Olympics) but it would certainly be a good idea to work off some rust prior to Europeans and the Olympics.

In Oksana and Maxim's absence (as well as Delobel and Schoenfelder), North American teams have taken control of the ice dance situation. Davis and White, Virtue and Moir, as well as Belbin and Agosto are posting high scores this season and dominated the Grand Prix Series. The reigning World Champs have some catching up to do!

But last season, they were in and out with injury and pulled through to win Worlds. So whether they compete or not this weekend I get the feeling they'll be just fine. They also have legacy on their side...Russian teams have medaled in how many of the last Olympic Ice Dance competitions...??? That's right...ALL OF THEM!


Sharon said...

Did you see their CD score? 45?? Can you say inflated. I do, however, understand it. And I'm glad to know that they seem to be back although I will be rooting for our NA teams come Olympics.

Aaron said...

Sharon, I didn't see the scores...can you post a link to the results?

Sharon said...

Here's a link, Aaron, with the rundown. Haven't seen a vid of the performance yet but 45 just seems so inflated for any team. Obvious the Russian fed is backing them all the way for Olympics.