Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Good Luck Team USA

Before the Olympics start I have to give a shout to the home team! So here's my big ole' message:



beki said...

Wow, Yuka Sato looks like one of the skaters, not a coach! Does she ever still skate in shows?

Aaron said...

Yeah she skates here and there.

jumping clapping man said...

I didn't even recognize Mirai. It's funny how much younger she presents than the others (ie: hands clasped, a bit giddy and/or frightened looking).

How cute that Jeremy and Meryl look like an item. Caydee, Meryl and Emily win the hawt award. SO good to see Yuka!!!

Who are the three off to the right? Are they with the Federation?

Aaron said...

It's Lorrie Parker, Richard Dalley, and Mitch Moyer. They are the team leaders for the U.S. Figure Skating Team in Vancouver.


Vlad said...

US has a strong team.Go USA!

Amu H.~ said...

Racheal Flatt!!!!