Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Pass List

Inevitably, after any Olympics, there is a swath of competitors who opt-out of the World Championships to follow. Here is the "Pass List" as it currently exists:

Evan Lysacek - The Olympic Champ is focusing on "Dancing with the Stars." Perhaps he can add a Mirror Ball Trophy to his illustrious collection. Replaced by Ryan Bradley.

Johnny Weir - I think just too much post-Olympic press and not enough preparation. Vowing to comeback next season...but he vowed to compete at World's too so...anyway. Replaced by Adam Rippon.

Shen and Zhao - Back into retirement for these two having won everything including that elusive Olympic Gold Medal. Sometimes it is a fairy-tale ending. Replaced by Dong and Wu.

Stéphane Lambiel - Like Shen and Zhao, he's opted to retire from eligible skating and will be on ABC's "Thin Ice" later this month. Replaced by Jamal Othman.

Belbin and Agosto - While they've made no formal announcement concerning the end of their competitive careers, prior to this season they said after these Olympics would be "it." They were vague about their future in post-Olympic Press but their withdrawal would seem to indicate they are moving ahead as planned. Replaced by Navarro and Bommentre.

Domnina and Shabalin - We can add them to the pass list. They say they are resting and taking care of their health but it "isn't goodbye." Replaced by Rubleva and Shefer.

Who isn't on the pass list? The entire women's podium from Vancouver including Kim Yu-Na! (Scratch that...Joannie Rochette is taking a pass). Evgeny Plushenko will attempt to win another World Title, a feat he hasn't accomplished since 2004. Virtue and Moir are also slated to compete in an attempt to win their first World Title and complete a medal set (Silver in '08, Bronze in '09).


Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see who wins the gold at the Worlds. Virtue and Moir or Davis and White. If Virtue and Moir wins, it then solidify that their win at the Olympic was justified. If Davis and White wins, it meant the judges were giving the Olympic gold to the Canadians because they were in Canada. Of course it's only apple to apple comparison if both pairs skate clean like during Grand Prix final and the Olympics. Somehow I cannot help but think the judges will give it to the Canadians since they don't want to slap the judges faces' at the Olympics (or if they are the same judges, it would be embarrassing to judge these two pairs differently from the Olympic).

jumping clapping man said...

yes, and let the predictions flow...

Anonymous said...

I am happy Ryan Bradley is going to compete - maybe he's not so reliable but he's so much fun to watch on the ice. Speaking of fun to watch, I am sorry that Lambiel wasn't able to showcase his long program so well at the Olympics - it's a lovely program that suits him very well - somebody took a video of him practicing it in Tallinn -

I wish he had such ease and fluidity at Olympics. So sorry to see him retire.

K.P. Kincaid said...

I was really hoping Plushenko would take his ball and go home, but alas. I heard that Carolina Kostner gave up her spot to the other Italian girl, which I think is a wise move. Her free skate in Vancouver was painful and I'm assuming she's calling it a day. Time will tell.

So glad Ryan Bradley and Adam Rippon will get a chance to compete. Sad that Johnny isn't going, but not surprised at all.

p.s. Love your blog, Aaron!