Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pic of the Week

What's next?

Well, the World Championships are next for Kim Yu-Na but what about after that? Does she continue to 2014 in Sochi? Does she retire from eligible competition and "go pro?" Does she take the Shen and Zhao in-and-out route where she competes some, takes some time off, competes some more?

She'd be 27 in 2018 and PyeongChang, S. Korea is the leading Olympic Bid City (and she the bids' ambassador)...wouldn't that be something. 27 seems tough but do-able for an elite womens competitor. See Julia Sebestyen, Maria Butyrskaya, Elena Liashenko, etc.

I don't know what the future holds for Kim but it's bright!

What do you think she should do?


Anonymous said...

the selfish fan in me would love for Yuna to defend her OGM...until maybe about 2018 lol.

but jokes aside, whatever makes Yuna happy will make her fans happy :D

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder the new crop will come up and catch up with her by 2018. I can see her win another gold in 2014 but 2018 may be stretching it.

jumping clapping man said...

I think most ladies with her ability and spirit could do it, BUT she is under more pressure than any skater who we may try to compare her to from the past. SO, I think it would be unhealthy to carry that weight for 4-8 years, and I think she should hang it up after another year or two. That being said, she is the first woman who has a chance of equaling or bettering Witt's record, and it would be exciting to see her do that. She can't even do a Shen/Zhao and step out for a few years, because she has so much other celebrity stuff going on (singing, etc.) that it wouldn't really offer a break like it did for Shen/Zhao.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that after she wins the next Worlds, she will focus on singing and being an ambassador for Korea. She has really nothing more to prove as far as figure skating is concerned other than to promote the sport, but getting more medals will not be a big challenge for her. I think she is thinking really big: Bring North and South Korea together, promote catholicism, or simply be the world's source of inspiration. Or, she could simply choose to be a wife and a wonderful mother, and enjoy the joys of a simple life.

Anonymous said...

As a skating fan I hope she finds enough motivation to stay at least a couple of more years in competitions and take the women's skating further.

The good news is that she seems to find training less and less laborsome and more and more "fun", based on her recent interviews. She even said in a recent interview that unlike in her junior years, now she can see herself building her career further through competing.

I hope she thinks she has at least a few more years of competitions in her.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, can you please write a bitch post on the ridiculous bitterness coming from Japanese fans who demand Yuna's gold medal be revoked based on their erroneous claims?

Anonymous said...

Yuna can;t retire for now because she's the only top skater for South Korea. The only way Korea can keep sending skaters to senior level championships is if Yuna keeps competing and wins entries for Korea. The Korean skating community knows this and Yuna knows this. Without her, the skating in Korea will dwindle. She needs to stay a few more years until some of the younger Korean skaters can pick up their own weight.

Anonymous said...

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Vlad said...

She is a fighter.I think she will continue to compete.