Friday, March 12, 2010


I would like to call attention to a previous post I did, an Op-Ed entitled "This Feud Must End."

As of yet, it hasn't. That's dissapointing.

To anyone who is calling for the removal of Kim Yu-Na's Gold Medal, please's ludicrous.


Anonymous said...

Where in the world is "the feud" going on?
I live in Japan, but nobody talks about it around me. According to a poll conducted by a main research institution, the most impressive foreign athlete at the Vancouver Olympics was Yuna (and the most impressice Japanese athlete was Mao, no wonder). I think you don't have to worry about that too much. The majority of people here don't care a damn about those radical fans. And I guess that's the same in Korea too.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with her score being so high but she did have an amazing program and this is coming from me, a person who doesn't really like Kim's skating

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Mao's silver, but I'm not going to start complaining on Joannies's behalf. I wish the Japanese fans can understand what they're doing is poor sportsmandship. Mao would be so embarrassed if she knew what her fans are doing. :(

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Joannie's bronze, but I'm not going to start complaining on Mirai's behalf.

Those things are endless.

jumping clapping man said...

Had Mao not made two mistakes, I MIGHT just start to understand.

Anonymous said...

How do you dispute such an obvious win? Shouldn't the Japanese be more concerned with the fact that their skater was scored not even 3 points more than someone who didn't even have a 3-3? Mirai, who also did not have a 3-3, had a higher technical score than Asada. Just landing triple axels does not give you a de facto OGM.

Oh and also, the "feud" goes on in an obscure little place called Youtube. It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

It’s not a matter of the justness or unjustness of the order nor the gap of the scores. They are just pointing out that Yu-na actually violated the Olympic Charter and it was wrong.
If you want to make them shut up, you just show them the proof that she did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

They are wrong.

IOC Rule 51: "Any manufacturer’s identification which is greater than 20 sq cm shall be deemed to be marked conspicuously." The limit on head gear is 6 sq cm.

Yuna's earrings where less than 1 sq cm.

Yuna also passed the inspection by the IOC prior to competing. If there was anything wrong with her attire, her team would have removed it.

There? You happy now? What more proof do you need? Like they're going to listen anyways.

And don't tell me the Japanese fans aren't trying to make a big deal out of nothing. Because they are and it's pathetic and embarrassing for Japan and Mao.

Anonymous said...

"It’s not a matter of the justness or unjustness of the order nor the gap of the scores. They are just pointing out that Yu-na actually violated the Olympic Charter and it was wrong.
If you want to make them shut up, you just show them the proof that she did the right thing."

No, she did not.

She wore jewelry, jewelry which she had previously advertised. There was no advertising during the games themselves, and f the jewelry company chose to highlight the fact that AFTER the games, it is not her problem.

The IOC does not prevent athletes from using branded merchandise or equipment, it merely requires that any advertising (logos etc) be removed or covered up. Every skier has his/her own sponsors who provide their skis. They are not required to use different skis during the games, they just have to remove or cover logos. Every skater uses their own type of skates. They are allowed to advertise that fact before and after, as long as they cover any logos DURING.

Anyone with 10 minutes of research can find this out, and the IOC has no problem at all with Yu Na's jewelry. None.

Anonymous said...

1. IOC and the Olympic Charter sets the period restricting every contestants from commercial activities during 3rd Feb.-3rd Mar, not only about 10 min, I mean, not only the figure-skating competition.

2. According to the Olympic Charter 5-41, every contestants and the team has a duty to refrain their sponsor (other than the Olympic official sponsors) from using their name, picture etc.
However J.Estina has done it.
( "3. Except as permitted by the IOC Executive Board, no competitor, coach, trainer or official
who participates in the Olympic Games may allow his person, name, picture or sports
performances to be used for advertising purposes during the Olympic Games." --41 Eligibility Code* Bye-law to Rule 41, Chapter 5 The Olympic Games)

3. The earrings Kim Yu-Na wore was designed as "Yuna Tiara Collection Crown earrings" just ONLY FOR the Olympic Games and she did wear all of the collection(3 types).
Meanwhile J.Estina also put in sales other jewellery, bracelet which has a sign of Yu-Na, after Lady's FSP in Vancouver.

From 3, I assume there would be still a commercial contract between Kim-side and the jewellery company.
In addition, the jewellery company held a special sales during the Olympic Games using Yu-Na's name and picture in SP and post on them onto their website -- isn't it an advertising act?

Yu-Na Kim and J.ESTINA violated Olympic Charter, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

You suppose sh!t. You're mud slinging because you're so desperate to make Mao look good but in the end all your efforts are coming out of your butt, thus making you a sh!t stirrer and a sore loser.

Anonymous said...

Leave the medalists alone for a while! Nobody gibs a sh!t on their last scores anymore!

I'm rather looking forward to watch the next game. Everyone saw the result in olympic, so what's next? How can you explain if Yuna couldn't do that much better and gets more score, hehe. I'm sure, she has to have "a bit" less powerfull than before. Then we all see the "fact": she couldn't get much this time because she was a little bit better last time...

So, Q: why is Yuna special again?
A: Because she's got the highest score!
Q: Right, and why can she get that much?
A: Simply because she's so special!
Q: Yes, I understand. And why is she so special?
A: Coz she has 3-3!
Q: Right, but other girls has it too, and some guys have 4-3. So what makes her that special?
A: Because she's got the highest score! You know, it's world record!
Q: Right....

Anonymous said...

Q:Why could she get the highest score?
A:Coz someone got some Korean money.

You can understand what I mean when you watch VTR of her skating carefully.

Anonymous said...

Those bittercakes are too hard to swallow for Mao fans.

Aaron said...

Someone asked where this feud was happening...well, this post for example.

C'mon...the argument is silly. Does this mean Shaun White is forbidden from drinking a Mountain Dew during the Olympics? Does this mean Evan Lysacek can't be seen wearing Ralph Lauren during the Olympics (seems the entire U.S. Team was in Polo...)?

It's just dumb.

Even if you can piece together some fragile argument based on an IOC charter, the fault is not Kim Yu-Na' would be the IOC's for dropping the ball and not catching it the argument is already moot.

So I ask again...please stop this silly feud!

Aaron said...

Furthermore, please do try to express your opinion without offensive expletives and completely bashing a skater.

I'd hate to start deleting opinions because of foul language...

Aaron said...

I removed the post that was here because I'm so done with the dumb youtube videos.

If you think a skater should be getting downgrades...that's fine. Be mad at the judges...not the skater.


Anonymous said...

Aaron, some players and their team, included figure skating, could control the judges by money.
It is very sad but truth.

I am attacking neither any countries nor any skaters.
I just want to convey a fact worldwide and to expose injustice.
Do you really think these ad's are OK?
Do you really think the Galactic Score (higher than men's) is reasonable?

Aaron said...

I do...plain and simple. I was in the building for her FS and she was amazing beyond belief...she deserved every point she got, I would have given her more.

As for the ads, it's completely unrelated to skating. If you think it's an issue, write a letter to the IOC explaining how they dropped the ball...don't bring it up on a figure skating blog.

Anonymous said...

My god, will the Maobots give the chase up! STOP IT! I think Mao fans are the worst of the bunch. The biggest sore losers I've seen. Threatening to take away the gold medal on a ludicrous, faulty IOC rule? Now complaining about score differentials.

You know what's a galactic score? 131.72 for a 4 TRIPLE PROGRAM. What's her score going to be with 6 triples? 160?

Aaron said...

Why do I even try...

ermi said...

What about the bet with Loyd's? $1mil for gold medal with world record?

This is a problem if everyone's score got higher than ever just to make an olympic record...

I think that just a change of the scoring system can't explain why the gold score from Torino 2006 is 40 pts. lower than the one from this time.

I can understand with Asada's score though. She did beat both Slutsukaya(188.44 in Torino) and Arakawa(191.34 in Torino) several times by 5 - 9 points that season.

So with 3A and her complicated and artictic program, regarding the Torino scores, 207 is not that radiculous to me, even though the both skaters were more experienced and therefore showed us more enriched and more beautiful program those days.

Aaron said...

The scores are better because over the last four years skaters have gotten better at milking the system for points.

And it wasn't a stretch to think Kim would win with a World record score...I could have predicted that, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out long before the Olympics started (Tugba's mom...are you there!).