Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evan Can Dance...but not as good as Nicole

So Evan pulled it together and got himself to the Finale of Dancing With the Stars. He followed in the footsteps of Apollo and Kristi and made his pitch for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Trouble is I think his pitch was a bit weak. :-(

He was the lowest scorer coming out of Monday's Dance and I thought he was toast at that point. On Tuesday he managed to sneak past Erin and Maks who finished 3rd (wamp wamp) and get himself to the final dance.

That is where he really got pounced on. Evan did a nice Quick Step for one final set of judges scores, but Nicole came out and killed a jive. She danced to "Proud Mary" and I think she was channeling Tina Turner. It was ridic!

So when the final judgement came, it was a surprise to no one that Nicole won the Mirror Ball Trophy...and honestly...she deserved it. I could give a hoot rather all her dances where 'proper' dances...she was the funnest to watch.

But, and I may open an old can of worms here, this competition showed what is absolutely amazing about Evan Lysacek. Does he have the most natural talent, no. Does he have the most engaging personality, no. But was he willing to work the hardest to overcome his disadvantages...yep! That's the thing about Evan. He may not be the best but he will out work anyone in his quest to get to the top. He did it at the Olympics and he almost did it here.

Now if we can just get Michelle Kwan on Dancing with the Stars...

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Anonymous said...

"Evan Can Dance...but not as *good* as Nicole"
No....'not as well as'

"I could give a hoot rather all her dances where 'proper' dances...she was the *funnest* to watch."

Uh- 'funnest' is not a word.

Am not the grammar police, but honestly....these statements knock at least 50 points off the perceived value of your IQ.

You know better, so please do better!