Saturday, May 15, 2010


Time to catch up! Everything you may have heard recently that I didn't blog on!

*Lori Nichol will be choreographing Mao Asada's new programs this upcoming word yet on who the new coach is.

*Last Saturday, Michelle Kwan gave the commencement address at Southern Vermont College.

*U.S. Figure Skating announced the Team Envelopes for 2010-2011. Don't read too much into the fact that Lysacek, Weir, Belbin/Agosto, Cohen, and Bradley still appear on the lists.

*Lots of splits and new pairings. Gilles/Summerssett...split. Bereswill/ pair. Craziest new pairing...Fedor Andreev and Jana Khoklova! Who will they compete for? Canada? Russia? Azerbaijan? Federated States of Micronesia? Poor Sergei Novitski...wamp wamp.

*Joubert is considering working with a North American coach...intriguing?

*Rachael Flatt got accepted to Stanford...but she isn't going this year.

*Johnny Weir will be a judge on Miss USA Pageant...and has a spat currently with Chelsea Handler...and is recording a single...and is trying to out Evan Lysacek...and getting blasted back at by Evan never ends with this guy!

*Meissner has left Florida to train in Virginia with Chris Conte, Alissa Czisny is staying in Detroit but is now working with Yuka Sato.

*Liang, Castile/Okolski, and Navarro/Bommentre have officially retired.

*Olympic Bronze Medalists Savchenko and Szolkowy will continue competing for the next four years.

Did I miss anything?


Tonichelle said...

BROOKE AND BEN RETIRED???????? I'm devastated! :(

kortney said...

I think that covers it...except I doubt Fedor Andreev and Jana Khoklova will compete for Canada. Much to deep a field.

Anonymous said...

I hope Weir really isn't out to drag Evan out of the closet. It's really Evan's business not his. With that said, I think Evan's handler has handle's Evan's PR really well. First, we have Evan dating Tanith Belbin. Then it's Nastia Liukin. I wonder if they are still dating now that the Olympics are over...? Oh wait, on Feb 22, he said on ET: "I'm single. I haven't had any time for dating while I'm training. I'm lonely." Someone needs to get their story "straight".

Sharon said...

I'll be surprised if Fedor and Jana compete as an ice dance team at all...just too odd for me.

I will sure miss C/O and Nav/Boms!