Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Evan Can Dance

It's crunch time. The past two weeks on Dancing with the Stars has resulted in an all out brawl and tonight we find out who makes the finals...and who goes home.

Last week Evan was off his game a little with iffy dances, one of which was an awkward futuristic Cha Cha.

But this week in the semi-finals he came out fast and furious with two amazing dances. First a foxtrot that was full of spunk (almost bordering on too much but not quite going over the line!). Bruno called him "High as Kite" he was so happy.

Next came Evan's best dance ever when he went all Twiglight on us and did a vampire inspired Paso that was magnificent. Each of the celebrities had to do a solo in the routine and Evan's was amazing! He grabbed Anna's dress and used it in a cape and then did these cool leaps and stuff...I was impressed!

I liked both dances so much I've posted them both below!

Last week Neicy didn't make it through and who will it be tonight. The finals are so close! Can Evan hang on?

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Vlad said...

I like their foxtrot!