Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Week Out...Lots Ahead!

Major international figure skating competition begins next week with the beginning of the Junior Grand Prix in Courchevel, France. Quicker than you can say pumpkin it'll be the end of October and I'll be up at who knows what hour of the night watching NHK Trophy on Ice Network.

You can tell the season is approaching because many of the skaters are getting "Twitter Happy" with news of choreography breakthroughs, ouchie falls on triple and quad jumps they've added to programs, and pre-competition excitement.

As the season begins to ramp too does my blogging! Some things that worked well last season that I plan to do more of this season include the program flashes (people really liked those!) and the event previews. Pic of the Week will soon make it's return but it will be reader's choice based upon the goings and happenings of the skating world.

Have a great idea for a blog post? Would you like to guest blog? Let me know! I have lots of lurkers out there (since my stent as Panasonic's Gold Blogger I'm getting quadruple the traffic I was getting before but about the same comment participation)...make yourself heard. Drop me an e-mail, or send a tweet!

Twitter, Facebook, Formspring, and YouTube have all become integrated social arms of this blog and expect the social 'networking' to continue. Also, job willing, live event blogging will return this season with a keen eye on U.S. Nationals in Greensboro and...wait for it...the Four Continents Cup in Taipei City, Chinese Taipei (I will decide post Nationals if the event roster warrants the trip...I've got miles to burn on United!). A friend who teaches in Nanjing, China may join me for that adventure.

Wow...that kind of turned into a mini State of the Blog. Let's get this party started!


jumping clapping man said...

I think I so overdosed on last season that I still don't know if I'm ready for this season. With Johnny missing, it's all the less interesting to me. That being said, I'm sure I'll get the umph back, and be back in the game in time.

BTW, any chance you're going to Portland for Skate America, is there? I'm tempted!

Aaron said...

Skate America is on a terrible weekend for me...less than 10% chance I'll be there. :-(

abendkleid said...

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