Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fantasy Figure Skating Basics

Per request, here are the basics about how U.S. Figure Skatings Fantasy Figure Skating works. It's pretty simple

About the Game
There's 11 rounds, one for each Grand Prix Event, the Grand Prix Final, U.S. Nationals, Four Continents Cup, Europeans, and Worlds. For each event you'll manage a team of 8-12 skaters, chosen by you prior to each event. Skaters have been divided into two or three pools. Higher ranked skaters are in the A pool...lower ranked skaters in the B and C pools. You pick a skater from each pool in each discipline and that is your team. Below are my choices for the ladies at NHK. I chose Mao Asada for Pool A, Kanako Murakami for Pool B, and Diane Szmiett for Pool C.

Picking Your Team
The idea is to pick skaters you think will place the highest in the competition. You look at each group and predict who will finish the highest and choose them. This can be tricky as many skaters in each pool are evenly matched. For example, at NHK Trophy this week, Daisuke Takahashi and Jeremy Abbott are in Pool A...a tough choice. Make sure you pick your teams before the event begins. Once the event begins you cannot change or add skaters. Also, from time to time, a skater you may have picked withdraws from the competition. Make sure to check often to make sure your team is complete. Stay on top of skaters progress through the season. How they are skating may affect your choices later down the road...

Earning Points
You basically get as many points your skater earns in the competition. If, for example, Ross Miner earns 210.45 points at NHK, you get 210.45. Add up all the points for your entire team and that is your score for the competition. If a skater(s) on your team withdraws before or during the competition, they earn 0 points. You'll have a competition score, and a total score from all your events. If you don't have the highest score after one event, don't fret! There are 11 competitions for you to gain points! Remember the story about the Tortoise and the Hare...?

There will be competition winners and an overall winner. Competition winners (team that scored the highest points at a particular competition) will get a $25 credit to the U.S. Figure Skating Online Store. The overall winner (most total points at the end of the season) will get a $100 credit to the U.S. Figure Skating Online Store, $75 for second, $50 for third.

What are you waiting for...JUMP IN!!!

Any Questions? If so, ask away!


Anonymous said...

I wish the Japan Skating Federation comes up with something similar. This sounds fun and will surely keep the fans involved !...wishful thinking though, I guess. It probably won't be an acceptable concept, cultural-mentality-wise...

Good luck Aaron and all those participating !

camelspin said...

Thanks for the explanation! I already wonderes about it, because I couldn't find it on the US figure skating website...