Friday, November 26, 2010

Trophy Eric Bompard Short Program Flash

Anna KHNYCHENKOVA / Mark MAGYAR (HUN) - Music seemed to just drone on and their program was uninteresting...I can't even remember if they hit their elements or not...that's how uninteresting it was.

Felicia ZHANG / Taylor TOTH (USA) - Felicia completely missed her footing on the side-by-side jumps and never left the ice. Pretty program though. Into the lead despite technical issues.

Klara KADLECOVA / Petr BIDAR (CZE) - Seemed green. Petr made me think of Brian Joubert circa 2001 if he was a pairs skater. Also, totally missed a lift.

Vera BAZAROVA / Yuri LARIONOV (RUS) - Really pretty. Solid Russian basics make this program sing. Great job.

Maylin HAUSCH / Daniel WENDE (GER) - Really solid. Ten points behind Russians but good effort. Strong elements.

Mylene BRODEUR / John MATTATALL (CAN) - This team is so sterotypically Canadian! The music, their outfits, how they move across the ice...screams "Oh Canada!" Lots of Technical troubles...wamp wamp.

Aliona SAVCHENKO / Robin SZOLKOWY (GER) - Great speed. Tight landing on the twist and Aliona had trouble on her sbs jump. Huge throw flip. Coin toss between them and Russians...I think the Russians should get it...a clean skate should be worth something right? Judges disagree with me.

Zoltan KELEMEN (ROU) - Kind of bland. Sat down on the back half of his lutz combo. Needs to pay more attention to performance.

Chafik BESSEGHIER (FRA) - Out of nowhere performance that included a quad triple and nice triple axel. Skating skills need work but the jumps look great! 70.33...impressive!

Peter LIEBERS (GER) - Clean program but he needs to loosen up. You can't skate to the blues and look so serious.

Anton KOVALEVSKI (UKR) - Looks undertrained. Needs to find some inner fight to make these performances happen...because they currently aren't happening.

Nan SONG (CHN) - *Yawn

Florent AMODIO (FRA) - Kind of brilliant. Not so much as an unsteady wobble in that program. Seems to be thriving under Morozov.

Kevin REYNOLDS (CAN) - Maybe some jump downgrades...not near the performance he had in Canada. He was confused a bit by the scores.

Brandon MROZ (USA) - Some awkward moments in the jumping. Muscled the quad combo and had a weird post-slip after axel. Program didn't flow as well as it did in China.

Takahiko KOZUKA (JPN) - Music is awful but he did the elements. Axel wasn't great but completed. He's pretty slick on his feet though and has solid skating skills.

Brian JOUBERT (FRA) - Messy. I am still loving his new programs but Brian is struggling technically this season. Only 5th place.

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