Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 World Figure Skating Championships - Ladies

First, I hope this isn't the hot mess that the men where!

Miki Ando and Kim Yu-Na are the two to beat, and really it's Kim Yu-Na's to win or lose. I thought after not competing for a year she would be a bit rusty. Nieyt! Triple-Triple combos look as good as ever. It's odd seeing her in practice sessions without Orser. Miki Ando would need to have the skate of the century and hope Kim made an error or two to win another World Title. She did have a win at the Four Continents Cup which may give her some confidence heading in. If I were a betting man (and clearly, I am!)...the good money is on Kim.

Bust the cast of would be spoilers is oh-so-juicy! Alissa Czisny is waltzing her way through a dream season. Skate Canada (check), Grand Prix Final (check), U.S. Nationals (check)...worlds? She stumbled in Taipei so you have to wonder if her confidence is shaken. Also in the field is Mao Asada who was the pits at the start of the season but has slowly gotten stronger with each competition. In Moscow, she looks her old self hitting triple axels like they are easy and triple triple combos like the sort that earned her accolades earlier in her career. Is she ready to go toe-to-toe with Kim again? She's the defending she ready to defend? Also in the spoiler list is dynamo Kanako Murakami and Rachael Flatt. Carolina Kostner is in the mix too but her watered down repertoire might not make the cut at worlds (but she pulls points from thin air so I'm likely wrong!). Don't count out Kiira Korpi either. The Finnish beauty also pulls points out of nowhere.

Dark Horses
Given the men's final I don't rule anything out so just for fun watch Cynthia Phaneuf (top 5 finish at worlds last year!), Team Russia (Makarova and Leonova...the judges seem to be going easy on the Russians), and Elena Gedevanishvili. Hey...stranger things have happened?!?!?!

p.s. You haven't seen my breakdown of Pairs...because I haven's seen Pairs! I plan to do this sometime between o'dark 30 and o'light 30!

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