Friday, April 29, 2011

World Championships Pairs Rundown

A year late I finally watched the Pairs Free. For the record, I made sure to have all the hard work taken care of at my job by this week and sure to form it has piled back up as if they somehow knew Worlds was this week. Ugh!

Anywho I don't think there was a lot of surprise amongst the Pairs. For me, the performance of the night was by far Volosozhar and Trankov...I love this team...LOVE THEM! They made my Prokofiev filled heart leap! I would have given them the win as I find Savchenko and Szolkowy's Pink Panther juvenile and beneath them but I'm not a judge so I guess I'll go with it.

Other highlights included Yankowskas and Coughlin's very nice performance. 6th place...not to shabby for the Americans, the best finish for the U.S. in some time. Loved Kavaguti and Smirnovs's performance despite the technical mistakes, Moskinva is brilliant with interpretation.

Lessons learned from these Worlds in Pairs: Land your side-by-side jumps, have bright blonde hair will skate well, and Russia is back in Pairs (China...what happened?).

I'm not going to even try to give a Dance rundown until the competition is over...I think we all know how that one will play out...I think.

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