Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coaching Shuffle Recap

Just to recap...

4/1/11 - Adam Rippon goes from Brian Orser to Ghislain Briand

5/17/11 - Caydee Denney leaves John Zimmerman and joins John Coughlin with Dalilah Sappenfield

6/3/11 - Agnes Zawadzki leaves Tom Zakrajsek and heads back to David Santee via Christy Krall

6/14/11 - Javier Fernandez announces he will begin training with Brian Orser, leaving Nikolai Morozov

6/14/11 - Ashley Wagner announces she'll head west and train with John Nicks, leaving Priscilla Hill

6/15/11 - Adam Rippon announces he'll train with Jason Dungjen, leaving temporary coach Ghislain Briand

So who's next...

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2003 Ford Focus AC Compressor said...

Lovely work! I'm definitely going to visit the blog frequently.

HerrMozart said...

Thanks for this information. But you didn't mention the change of Pechalat and Bourzat to Detroit to train under Krylova? I heard that once they missed the podium at worlds, the Russian skating federation no longer allowed them to train in Moscow? It appears Nathalie herself mentioned this.