Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Nitpick

So, with my new job I've learned that I can't blog as much as I used too. So when I do blog I want to make sure I'm saying something meaningful. I could give a bland rundown of what took place at an event but those of you reading my blog probably already know about that so I've come up with "The Nitpick." I'll focus on one thing in particular about an event that popped to me.

So this weeks Nitpick...Chanflation.

Before I even begin...I think Patrick Chan deserved to win Skate Canada...let me just say that and get it out of the way.

But now that we have that out of the way, I'd like to offer Exhibit A...Patrick, Daisuke, and Javier's short programs from Skate Canada.

So, after the short program these were the top three men...all separated by less than 2 points (1.43 to be exact). I have to tip my hat to Patrick Chan...even with a less than great skate he managed to be within two points of Javier Fernandez who had the skate of his life! Chan, if he knows how to do anything, it's how to get points. His component scores where close to 4 points up on Javier's (3.79 to be exact). As good a skater as Patrick is...his skate was not 3.79 points up on Javier (typically it might be, but not this day). Seems as though (To me at least. Figure Skating IS still subjective) Chan was propped up a bit. Even Patrick looked a little surprised at his scores when they came up. He was in the Kiss and Cry apologizing for a poor skate and then really good scores come up despite botching some of his elements. What was even more impressive is how the judges managed to squeeze Takahashi in for 2nd...that took precision!

And just a moment discussing! It's like he's somebody brand new! Brian Orser has worked some magic here!

To be fair, even despite the mistakes in Chan's free, it's a brilliant skate and he obviously would have won anyway...but even his free skate wasn't perfect and yet he's pulling scores like he had the skate of his life.

I don't blame Patrick for any of this...I almost don't blame the judges that much. This is the one flaw (well...I think the biggest flaw anyway) with the judging's about points. Despite Chan's errors, he gets tons-o-points by doing what he does on the ice. I'm fearful of the day when, in a huge competition such as the Olympics, he's going to make similar mistakes and still beat someone that skates perfect...then I think there will be an uproar about "Chanflation."

I'm happy that Javier won the short program...he deserved to do so. I think he deserved to win by a bigger margin...or at least it seemed as though his short was better than just 1.43 points.

Later tonight I'll post a rundown of Cup of China.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Patrick skate live? His speed and flow are not to be believed. Not to mention the transitions. That`s why he gets rewarded. The relationship of his blade to the ice is a legacy of his late coach Osborne Colson.

Aaron said...

I have and he's super impressive. And he is always rewarded in that area of the component score. Not sure if that particular advantage means he should get dynamite scores despite mistakes though...not his fault, it's purely the judging system and it works brilliantly for Chan.

thefrogprincess said...

Well my issue is that the component scores are divided and Chan doesn't do as well as all aspects of the components scores. His skating skills are superior (although he seems to have more than his fair share of stumbles at times when he isn't jumping) but I'll never be convinced that he deserves consistently higher scores on choreography and interpretation of the music than Daisuke, who is a master of those two but doesn't get rewarded.