Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Nitpick

Grrrrrrrrrr....the Free Dance results at Cup of China were "redonk!"

I found the judges to be impertinent and devoid of all ability to actually "see" what was happening on the ice.

Take a look:

Then this hot mess took the ice...

Now I'm all for Walpurgis Night. Faust is greatly under-used in skating. But this dance was terrible. It lumbered across the ice at a snails pace. Ekaterina gave us her ususal poor posture. Don't get me started about the last 30 seconds or so when it went to complete s%*t! I watched it again to make sure I was giving them a fair was more painful the second time through.

Let's rewind the the Short Dance where I actually agreed that the Russians out skated team "Shibby." Maia and Alex have many things, but steamy sex appeal in a Rhumba isn't one of them (and now we have one of those weird brother/sister awkward moments). While I don't think I would have had the Russians like 7 or 8 points ahead...I would have given them the lead.

But what a load of crap that the judges not only handed the Russians the title...they marked them as skating better in the free...what?!?!?!?!?! C'mon, really? I realize figure skating is subjective and everybody has to have an opinion...but this is blatant ridiculousness. Put all feelings about style and music aside and just look at the skills and the skating. In short, the Russians weren't even close to being able to keep up with the skating abilities that Shibby displayed. And to even show their incompetence more...the judges didn't even make it close, but called it as a 7+ point blowout resulting in this disaster of a score:

I was pissed...still am! I think what pissed me off the most is that the Russians took their win in stride...they didn't even looked shocked. Not even a "Hey Babe, we just demolished a team that's clearly better than us, isn't that awesome?!?!" from Dimitri. If you just beat the World Bronze Medalists...wouldn't you be 'slightly' more excited?

And the sad part is, we'll never know which of the judges on the panel either don't know how to judge or are passing off favors...their anonymous. Didn't Beyoncé sing, "What goes around, comes back around..."


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if certain judges are just warming up for Sochi.

jumping clapping man said...

And, I felt the same way about Leonova beating Wagner at NHK? WTF? Leonova landed a 3/3, but everything after that was popped or double footed.

Xan said...

Perhaps you haven't noticed the general collusion going on to give the Russians a sweep in Sochi no matter what? Wait for it.