Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Four Continents Cup Bound!

So I'm enroute to Colorado Springs for the Four Continents Cup. I decided to pack of the car and see the Great American Plains and drive to the event (note to next time). I'm taking a pit stop for the night and am writing this blog from somewhere in the middle of Nebraska!

I'll make it a priority to post every night after the event. I'm hoping to be able to use my iPad in Arena to post/tweet in realtime! Not sure what the WiFi situation is but the fall back will be my phone.

So I'm going to try and figure out what to do in North Platte, Nebraska...and I'll be posting/tweeting/facebooking tomorrow.


nashvilledancer said...

Safe travels, Aaron. You have to be our eyes and ears, those of us who blew our wad on Nationals and aren't going!

Ice Charades said...

Have a great time!

Aaron said...

Just arrived! Heading to the Arena in the next couple of hours!