Thursday, February 09, 2012

Men's SP at Four Continents Cup

I guess the best place to start is the top...where of course Patrick Chan (did we doubt?) is. As has been his modus operandi this season he made a major mistake...kind of falling on his quad. His saving grace was it wasn't really considered a fall since when he crashed to the ice he put all his weight on his forearm and managed his way back up.

I think with a problem like that on a shouldn't be in the high 80s and basically untouchable. And he has a clear advantage in the free...this is home turf for him and he will not have the altitude struggles the others have. I feel like the judges need to equalize the scores and bring him a little closer to Earth.

Team Japan came to play...they are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th right behind Patrick. Takahiko Mura with an amazing skate to finish second. Gorgeous quad combo! Daisuke also fell on his quad but still managed 3rd. Tatsuki Machida was also amazing and barely behind Daisuke in 4th.

I feel like a broken record, Denis Ten fell on his quad, but pulled it together for the rest to place 5th. I was scratching my head on this placement. He got ahead of Ross Miner who was brilliant!

Adam Rippon, who oddly earned a season's best despite crashing on his lutz, was 7th. Richard Dornbush wasn't able to cast out his demons...he's 13th.

Finally, special shout out to Christopher Caluza who represents The Philippines. Really nice skate, had the crowd with him, looked like he was having a good time out there. I know Tim David (@TimDavid_Sk8) is very happy!

Full results here.

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Jessim said...

Ross Miner was brilliant! I'm glad you highlighted him- I've never seen him skate so well!

I originally thought Chan's fall was a fall, but I understand why it wasn't. It just seems like a fall should be more than "butt down". Then again, how do you differentiate arm down/hand down. The altitude advantage he has is just huge though.