Friday, March 02, 2012

Better Late Than Never

So I said I would post my comments about the Free Dance on Tuesday...yeah that was over two weeks ago. Upon returning to work, I was deluged with tasks and the blog had to take a back seat. I have to get these things cleared away before heading off to Nice!

But finally...I'm back with my thoughts...and I've had a change of heart. I had tweeted I disagree with the fact that Meryl and charlie had lost...I watched both programs back a couple of times.

After careful thought, I came to the decision that I agree with the judges and believe Tessa and Scott deserved the win. It looks a bit different on tv vs in the arena and up close you can see the minute details of Tessa and Scott's FD. The real clincher for me was Scott and Charlie. I suspect the altitude played a part but at times Charlie looked less engaged musically while Scott was fully committed through the whole performance...something I couldn't necessarily tell from up in the arena. As far as the levels not being there for Meryl and Charlie...well I'll leave that to the technical panel.

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Arwen said...

I Love Skatings and Jumps he he he

I see every year all the competition and I'm waiting for
World Championships ....