Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm in Nice!

I arrived late this afternoon...completely famished. I had to do the ridiculous sprint through Charles de Gaulle to make my connecting flight to Nice. That combined with the fact that I spent the whole flight over from Detroit reading the Hunger Games made a pretty tired me.

But driving along the coast and seeing how beautiful it is here rejuvenated me and I'm pumped to get to the skating events starting tomorrow.

I ran over to the Arena to pick up my tickets and half of the skaters were just aimlessly wandering around enjoying the weather. Tessa and Scott were giving an interview (pictured), Carolina Kostner was listlessly looking at the buildings. It's a very relaxed atmosphere here...I hope it's condusive to good skating.

Not sure how much tweeting I can do from the arena (I'll check the WiFi situation out tomorrow) but I will try to post after each event. SPOILER ALERT...because of the time difference I may post before you watch...just be aware of that.

Check out the Results Page to see who has and hasn't qualified.


Arwen said...

Luky ypu who are in Nice ..... how is the weather like?

Arwen said...

Stéphane Lambiel is on the way to Nice ..... if you see him make some photos for me ;-) he he he

Have a good stay and enjoy even for me .....

Aaron said...

I did see Stéphane. He shrieked prior to jumping into Maxim Trankov's arms!