Friday, March 30, 2012

Chan's World and a Pairs Photo Finish!

First the men's short expected it's Chan's ball game. As per all season he botched an element in the short program but his scores are so high across the board it hardly matters. A beyond squeaky clean Brezina is within two points of him though. Takahashi I think would have caught him had he not sat down on the a triple toe behind a quad. I was so excited he finally hit the quad in the short only to botch the triple behind it.

Que sera sera...

Joubert is back...I don't think the judges would have made it out of the arena alive had they not ranked him near the top. His short program is cleverly designed to hide his weakness and show his strengths. I see them but I have better eye than the majority of french skating fans that just want to see their star do well. I'd a put him behind Amodio but again, I sure the judges feared for their lives. Tough day for Abbott and Rippon...but they are by no means out of it and still have a shot, if not to medal, still earn 3 spots for the U.S. in London. They need to get their chins up and fight. Tough day for Kozuka as well...13th, ouchomagoucho!

Shout out to Christopher Caluza...go ahead with your bad yourself!

On to Pairs where it was a photo finish...Volosozar and Trankov were beyond brilliant earlier on the night, nobody could catch them despite the fact they were in 8th. Savchenko and Szolkowy, skated well...still placed 2nd behind the Russians...but because of the short program eeked the win by .11. Photo finish. Takahashi and Tran held on to third to become (I think?) the first team from Japan to win a pairs medal at the World Championships. Pang and Tong showed a bit more rust to only manage 4th. Marley and Brubaker make a respectable debut at World's placing 10th and Denney and Coughlin finish 8th despite a great skate (again, the judges were boo'd for their scores). Not sure why but the judges seem to be actively judging against the American's...strange.

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