Friday, April 04, 2008

Kristi Can Dance

Kristi has yet again racked up the highest score this week, another 27. However, while the judges praised her for her technique they were critical of her on her emotional output. They told her she needed to "let it all hang out and stop being so reserved."

Reserved or not, she and Mark are clearly the ones to beat (and she looked stunning!). Kristi's Tango was precise and powerful. So powerful, Adam Carolla went on the defensive asking Samantha Harris to "beat em' up!" when she asked Kristi and Priscilla (Presley) how it felt to be the front runners.

And unfortunately it had to come to an end for someone and it was "The Gute" (Steve Gutenberg). The happiest guy in America failed to impress the voting public with his hap-hap-happy demeanor. He was the encore performance that night, however, with...Jonathan Roberts?

The show must go on and the 9 couples remaining will battle it out next Monday!

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