Friday, June 13, 2008

Champ Camp

So this weekend all our best of the best figure skaters (those skaters on the A and B envelopes) have gotten together for what they have begun calling Champ Camp!

Basically it's getting these guys ready for the Olympics as it is a pretty good bet that our Vancouver 2010 team will come from amongst this pool of talent. They get to listen to important people talk (including Paul Wylie) and attend seminars. They even get to do a team building activity!

After Monday...all the really good ones get to stay and have their programs evaluated to try to improve on their skills and find ways to squeeze every point out each element.

Apparently Icenetwork is bringing the entire weekend to you if you subscribe! Complete list of participating athletes is below.

Jeremy Abbott
Belbin & Agosto
Stephen Carriere
Castile & Okolski
Davis & White
Rachael Flatt
Alexe Gilles
Hubbell & Hubbell
Inoue & Baldwin
Beatrisa Liang
Evan Lysacek
Armin Mahbanoozadeh
McLauglin & Brubaker
Kimmie Meissner
Brandon Mroz
Mirai Nagasu
Navarro & Bommentre
Paetsch & Nuss
Adam Rippon
Samuelson & Bates
Vise & Trent
Ashley Wagner
Johnny Weir
Caroline Zhang


Laura said...

Do you subscribe to IceNetwork? I haven't signed up yet but am planning to...

Aaron said...

Nah...haven't yet either...probably will sooner or later.