Monday, June 16, 2008

Grand Prix Assignments

So the ISU has published Grand Prix Assignments for the upcoming season. US Figure Skating has a story about it here while you can see the full listings for all events and disciplines here.

Oh, big news, Johnny Weir will be doing for the first time Skate America! Usually Johnny skips this event to do later ones but not this time. Oddly, Johnny is skipping Cup of Russia, an event where he tends to have huge crowd support. Also, going right up against Evan Lysacek at Skate America will be interesting (guess who has tickets!). Johnny's second event will be NHK Trophy, the last event in the series, where he'll have to contend with Takahashi and Oda (who will be making is competetive re-debut). Lysacek is doing back to back events, getting them out of the way early. He's also doing Skate Canada where he'll have to butt heads with the World Champ J. Buttle and his trusty side kick Canadian National Champ Chan as well as everyones favorite spinner Lambiel.

I've come to really respect US Figure Skating for sticking by Kimmie Meissner. They've given her two Grand Prix events including Skate America which has a packed ladies field! Meissner, the reigning Skate America Champ, will have to contend with Ando, Nakano, Kim, Flatt, and Nagasu....whew! But kudos to US Figure Skating for not giving up on Meissner and seeing her through this rough patch.

Now I'm beyond excited for this season to begin!


Anonymous said...

Skate America is going to be really exciting! Johnny getting picked for it was a huge surprise. The men's competition is going to be very interesting! Skate Canada looks great too! I'm especially excited about seeing Patrick Chan and Caroline Zhang.

About Kimmie: She was going to get two assignments anyway. She placed 7th at Worlds and therefore was guaranteed two assignments. Placing well in such a packed field at Skate America will be great for her confidence.

Maat said...

I am looking so much forward to SA. It will be my first time attending a figure skating competition, any tips?

I have been watching figure skating for a while (but not long enough to tell all the jumps apart), and since I live in the Seattle area I decided that this would be the perfect time to go. My husband is coming with me, even if he doesn't watch figure skating much. He was happy that Weir got picked, he is the only skater he remembers :).