Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pic of the Week

Kimmie Meissner is getting her head together. Today the Washington Post did a great write-up on Kimmie and her new training situation with Richard Callaghan and Todd Eldredge in Florida. Here are some of her own words...

"One of the weirdest things, when I got down here, was, 'Oh my gosh, they are skating with me, chasing me around the rink,' " said Meissner. "Todd makes me go faster. He's always saying, 'Go! I'm going to beat you!' They come out, they look at takeoffs, they want to see landings. It was really intimidating when I first came down here. I feel like I'm a different person. I've gone through some stuff that wasn't too good. I feel like I've changed a lot...A lot of times from really bad experiences you can learn a lot."

"I've been doing pretty good," Meissner said. "I'm at maybe a 'B,' if I have to give myself a grade. I'm pretty close to where I want to be, but I'm still working out the kinks in my program."

Her short program music will be "Un Ange Passe" by Alain Lefevre.

"I love working with Mr. Callaghan. He's very, very nice. He probably wouldn't want me to say that--he's got his reputation--but he's been great for me."

I'm very happy Kimmie is putting things back in place. I'm looking forward to seeing the "new" Kimmie in Everett!

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