Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In his final appearance before the Bulgarian Supreme Court, Maxim Staviski apologized again to the families of Peter Petrov and his girlfriend. Last summer, Maxim Staviski was driving while incredibly intoxicated and crashed his vehicle into another killing Petrov, the driver of the other vehichle, and severely injuring Petrov's girlfriend.

"I'm deeply sorry for what happened back then. I'm always informed about Manuela's (Petrov's girlfriend) condition and the progress of her treatment. Unfortunately, I can't do anything to make her stop suffering."

This is the last court appearance Maxim will have to make in connection with this case. In a previous appearance, the fines Maxim was assesed where decided upon.

Maxim Staviski is the 2007 World Figure Skating Champion in Ice Dancing with partner Albena Denkova. The two are no longer skating together.

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