Monday, October 20, 2008

Fierce Showdown

The Men's event in Everett is, to quote Catherine Tate as Lauren, "gonna be some well good skatin'!"

All I have to say is re-match! Johnny vs. Evan! It's gonna be great. Evan the National Champ (barely!) and Johnny the World Bronze Medalist trying to get to the top of the medal will be great. I'm so very thankful (fingers crossed) that Skate America has been virtually untouched by the major retirements this season and the skating rooster remains mostly intact.

Chengjiang Li did unfortunately withdraw, but he hasn't been much of a contender for some time now.

In addition to Johnny and Evan their is some great talent competing. A trio of men from Canada, all attempting to fill Canada's "Buttle Void" will be in Everett including one of my favorite skaters, Shawn Sawyer. He's musical, has great choreography, and if he can hit his jumps he might be a factor.

Some others of note, including Belgium's Kevin Van Der Perren, he's always a show stopper and if he hits his quad and stays consistent on the triples he could threaten for the title. I don't count anyone from Japan out these days so keep an eye on Takahiko Kozuka. Also, our young upstart from Russia, Uspenski, I'll be watching as well.

We cannot forget the wild card of the competition, Junior World Champion Adam Rippon. I'm not quite sure how the young American will fit into the mix, I suspect he'll skate well.

My medal call:
GOLD - Lysacek
BRONZE - Van Der Perren


Anonymous said...

I've gotten used to seeing either Daisuke Takahashi or Nobunari Oda go up against Evan at Skate America. Still, Evan vs. Johnny is going to be very fun to watch (as much as Johnny hates the double billing).

Have fun at Skate America!

Laura@requiredelements said...

Have a great time at the event!! So jealous....