Thursday, April 30, 2009

Around the World

I think I just coined a new spot on my blog. It seems like every time I check out all the other amazing skating blogs, there is a whirlwind of activity!

I love to travel, so every now and then I'll take everyone on a brief trip around the world!

Starting in Korea, Figure Skating is going Prime Time. Not competition, T.V. Drama! The new MBC series, 'Triple,' is about the dreams and loves of a figure skater and three passionate men from the advertising industry. This couldn't have anything to do with Yu-Na Kim's big win could it? Best thing, this show will also air on MBC if you're lucky enough to get their broadcast (West Coast heavy) you'll have to fill me in on if it's any good. Webisodes please?

To France we go. First, most have heard that Isabelle Delobel is expecting...congrats. Can't imagine that it will be easy to train for the Olympics while having a baby...but that's the plan for she and Olivier Schoenfelder. Good luck with that. On the other side of French Ice Dancing, Carron and Jost have decided to call it quits. Apparently, they had 'differences' they couldn't work out. Too bad.

Here in the U.S., Adult Nationals have wrapped up in Grand Rapids Michigan. Lots of reports and coverage can be found here and here. U.S. Figure Skating has announced the Team Envelopes, no real shocks, but State of the Skate brings up a good question about Katrina Hacker. Evan Lysacek was busy last week getting a L.A. Lakers Game started. Speaking of splits, Vise and Trent have decided to end their partnership, however, a bit more amicably than did Carron and Jost. Vise and Trent made history in 2007 when they hit a throw quad salchow at Eric Bompard Trophy in Paris.

Finally in Russia, there is some disagreement as to if the 2014 Sochi Winter Games planning is on track. Some think they are, others think they are not. And speaking of babies, Tatiana Totmianina is expecting as well...and Yagudin is the baby's daddy (I didn't even know they were dating!)...twins!


jumping clapping man said...

omg yagudin is yummers in this pict! i so thought he was a friend of dorothy. totmianina? what a shock. i'd think he could at least pick someone nice. she seems like a b#@$%! but, then, maybe that's just an unfair first impression.

vise and trent also a surprise. he is a DOLL! i hope he isn't retiring. just needs to find him a good male partner and skate in the gay adult nationals!

Ice Mom said...

'Triple,' is about the dreams and loves of a figure skater and three passionate men from the advertising industry.Who in the world came up with this match-up?