Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pic of the Week

There is something infectious about Lady GaGa. I must admit, "Poker Face" is one of my favorite songs on '20 on 20' (shout out to all Sirius XM Radio Peeps!).

And her music has created one of this past weeks' biggest YouTube Buzz. Some time ago, Lifeskate featured Johnny Weir's 'Poker Face' program debut at New York Fashion Week.

He kept the program, worked it out, went to Korea, and made a splash. Then the video from the event starts popping up everywhere. It was tweeted to me by Ice Network and Figure Skaters Online. Perez Hilton posts the video. Ice Addiction posted the video. BAM...a star is made (somehow I get the idea that this agrees with Johnny!)!

Weir's 'Poker Face' exhibition became one of the most viewed videos on the web...and me...I'm not gonna miss out on all the I'm posting it too!


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