Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pic of the Week

Okay, I'm angry (the tiger represents my angry face)! I'm fed up! Time to start a revolution!

From the first major competition of the season (Skate America) I have not been happy with the judging. Yes, I get that skaters are downgraded for cheated jumps and if you flail your arms out of control you can get a level 4 instead of a level 3 on footwork. I get that if you hit every ugly position known to man during a spin it's worth more...this I understand.

What I don't understand is when a skater is so close to hitting a triple axel but just barely (and I mean barely!) are under-rotated, they get the same credit as a crappy double. Mao, I do feel sorry for you because this happens to you more than anyone and it's crap!

What I don't understand is how skater gets a level 4 in one competition on a footwork sequence and gets a level 3 in the next competition on the same exact foot work sequence. Lysacek, Chan, McBru, Davis & White, Ponsero,'ve all been victims. How can we get behind and support a judging system that lacks basic consistency?

What I don't understand is why, given the horrid fact that the judges are anonymous why oh why would you reduce the number of judges at major international events. It makes absolutely no sense! The Olympics? I mean really?

What I don't understand is how it is that the ISU can make major sweeping changes without a full ISU Council Vote? It's like the President of the U.S. making major changes but bypassing wouldn't be tolerated or allowed in any other governing body, why is it allowed there?

And finally, what I really don't understand is why ISU Member Federations let this happen! It has to stop!

So below you'll find a list of all the most influential figure skating federations in the world, their president, and an e-mail address. I'm sending a message to all of them and I hope you get vocal about this and also send a message. They must understand that either their approval of these horrid changes or the inaction and unwillingness to stand up and stop it (or at the least attempt to fight it!) is destroying the enjoyability and credibility of the sport we love!

  • Australia, Catherine Taylor,
  • Canada, Benoît Lavoie,
  • China, Tian Xiao,
  • Czech Republic, Vera Tauchmanova,
  • Finland, Susanna Rahkamo,
  • France, Didier Gailhaguet,
  • Germany, Dieter Hillebrand,
  • Great Britain, Haig Oundjian,
  • Italy, Giancarlo Bolognini,
  • Japan, Yasuakira Hayashi,
  • Republic of Korea, Sung-In Park,
  • Russia, Valentin Piseev,
  • Switzerland, Roland Wehinger,
  • United States, Ron Hershberger,

Care to contact another federation not listed...the entire list can be found here!

Take action...make your voice heard...start a revolution!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the addresses, Aaron! I agree, a revolution needs to be started. Skating must be saved! And fair judging is the way to start.

Laura said...

Ah Another call to action! You're as mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore. Nice job. I hate that downgrade situation also - I mean, it's almost like an extra punishment for someone who deigns to try a triple and then can't make it.