Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need some direction?

From time to time I check into the search engine queries that direct individuals to my blog. Here are some of the recent heavy hitters and all that I can offer on the topics:

Whitney Jo Lawson - The "Braniac" to competitive skater in six weeks flat! I did a post on her last October. She was on the MTV show "Made," must have re-aired. The original blog post is here.

There are a lot of searches associating Caroline Zhang with Don Laws, who coaches Patrick Chan. Not exactly why people are searching for these two in conjunction but I can tell you that Caroline will not be training under Laws, but rather Charlene Wong. You can check the story here.

Michelle Kwan - Nobody knows yet? No official word and the mystery Skate America slot persists...

Jeffrey Buttle - Yes, he's on Twitter (@J_Butt)!

I fairly certain that Alexei Yagudin is not planning on competing next season. He is about to be a dad! But Evgeny Plushenko is in!

Lastly, I couldn't find any Charles Shou-San Pao YouTube videos when I did my pic of the week post...sorry.

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