Saturday, September 12, 2009

Great Question...better answer!

I'm currently reading the interview Johnny Weir did with Outsports. The interviewer, Cyd Ziegler Jr. asked:

You once wrote on your Web site that, "You can’t judge a book by its cover." I don’t know you, but I’ve followed your career for several years. I saw Pop Star on Ice. I know lots of straight guys, and I’ve never seen any of them do the things I’ve seen you do . And it seems to me that you haven’t just shown us the cover of the Johnny Weir book, you’ve shown us several chapters. You’ve shown us the 10-page glossy photo insert. From everything you’ve shown us over, can’t we at least discern whether Barnes & Noble would put the book in the gay & lesbian section?

But even better was Johnny's Answer:

My hope is that Barnes & Noble will put it in the best-seller section.

His ability to produce instant wit never ceases!

UPDATE: Phil Hersh just posted a new blog about Johnny you can read here.


Kate said...

I thought that question was a little disrespectful; or am I being over-dramatic? Anyway, LOVED Johnny's answer. He is just awesome.

Aaron said...

The previous question was simply asking him to come clean on being gay...which of course he wouldn't.

I think it was a playful question but out of context I can see where one might think it a bit disrespectful. I get that...

jumping clapping man said...

frankly, i'm getting a little tired of his schtick on this topic.

i think for him personally it's fine to be cryptic. it suits his mysterious and alluring persona. and, yes, it's a personal question that doesn't always require a detailed answer.

BUT, for young gays who don't have any role models, and are trying to survive it's an unfortunate choice. he has privilege and success now, so it suits him, but young gays who are struggling need people to go to bat for them, and need to have something to hold on to for hope, and for them i think this is unfortunate, confusing, and murky example.